About Tomi Collins

Tomi Collins national chairwoman of the Regulation Freedom Amendment campaign. This hands on wife, mother, minister and grandmother has more than 25 years of experience in business leadership skills and and real estate. Collins combines her love for her country with her business savvy and leadership skills to restore the balance of federalism as she leads the "No Regulation Without Representation" movement. Collins can be reached at www.NoRegulationWithoutRepresentation.org

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US Congress attempting to hijack President Trumps authority

President Trumps Executive Power is Being Hijacked... [continue reading]

Put Up or Shut Up

Tomi Collins, Executive Director of America Restored calls for the left to Age The Ink and to Put Up or Shut Up!... [continue reading]

Tomi sounds off on President Elect Trumps tweet on flag burning

In this video I will challenge you on what the Constitution says about flag burning. Hold on to your hats for some TRUTH.... [continue reading]

Video on Using Bill of Rights method to an amendment to the Constitution

How we use the same method states used three other times in history to force congress to propose constitutional amendments.... [continue reading]

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